Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ferdinand Magellan Story

In 1480 Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal . As Spain and Portugal was fighting, In 1494 Pope Alexander Said "Portuguese can have this land on the east and Spain can have this land on the west". But the Spainish couldn't go to India So they needed a new trade route.When Ferdinand came along he asked the king "for some money,a crew and a boat. In 1519 Ferdinand went on his boat and sailed of to find a new route trade. Magellan Reached a little City called Chillie and Argentina there river was very icy and cold then he called it a strait.It took three years until he reached the Philipines and he had a war with the Philipines, but actually he lost. Thankfully his boat called victory and his crew made it back and they told the king of Spain all about their voyage and how Magellan died against a fight with the Philipines.


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